Winemaker Profile: Hellandback Ranch & Vineyard

You’ll find a new page here with Southern California winemaker profiles. Here’s the first one in the series.

John York, Hellandback Ranch & Vineyard

John York, Hellandback Ranch & Vineyard

Question: One word that describes the reason you are making wine?
Answer: Fascination
Question:  Ok, explain that one word, just a little.
Answer:  I find the process of turning a grape into wine fascinating, almost obsessive. I love making wine.
Question:  Why should someone visit you at your winery?
Answer:  Our location is rustically beautiful. I love to meet people, talk to them about wine, and hear their opinions and experiences (and you can honestly say that you’ve been to Hellanback)
Question:  What’s your favorite varietal?
Answer:  I enjoy any wine well made. Favorite depends on the time of day, my mood and the occasion
Question:  What’s your favorite wine that you make? Why?
Answer:  Purgatory Pink, which is Sangiovese Rose’. That must sound weird, but it’s light, dry, refreshing, flavorful, and easy to drink. Estate Syrah if I want red.
Question:  What part of your personality do you put into your wine?
Answer:  I am enthusiastic, optimistic, and confident. I like to please others and I think that my wines might reflect some of this. I try to make wine that I think most people will like, and that requires specific choices in the vineyard and in the winery.
Question:  Your name and title.
Answer:  John R York, Co-Owner and Winemaker

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